Champion Toolkit

Thank you for being part of She's Worth The Best by becoming a Fundraising Champion! Champions like you—who give and encourage others to do the same—will be key to ensuring She's Worth The Best is a success.

Use the resources below to help share your McKenzie Health pride and spread the word about She's Worth The Best. Every #shesworththebest post and email you share leading up to and during She's Worth The Best will contribute to the success of the day.

Also, make sure to follow McKenzie Health on Facebook. Most importantly: HAVE FUN!

Get Started

She's Worth The Best is designed to make it super simple for you to build support for what you care about. So, let's get your friends and family ready to give!

Become a Fundraiser

Show your support by raising funds on behalf of McKenzie Health 

Tell Your Story

Use your Champion Dashboard to customize your personal page with images, text and video

Spread the Word

Share your personal page with your network to promote
She's Worth The Best

Champion Basics

How do I become a Champion?

Visit the profile for McKenzie Health and click the "Fundraise" button.

What link do I share?

You'll want to share the link created for your fundraising page found in your Fundraising Toolkit.

How do I get the word out?

To get the word out about She's Worth The Best, you'll want to communicate with your contacts through email messages, social media posts, and word of mouth. Check out the communication guide below for ideas of what to post and when!

Champion Communication Guide


She's Worth The Best Graphics


What am I responsible for?

Getting the word out, helping known goals be reached, and having FUN!

You can have a major impact on the success of She's Worth The Best as a fundraising Champion if you work hard to spread the word. You'll make the most impact by being creative and having as much fun as possible with sharing your fundraiser with everyone you know!

Helpful Resources

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